The Story

The ancient black dragon is long dead and buried with his treasure of treasures, a powerful spectral talisman.
Over centuries, skilled treasure hunters seek it out, never to be seen again. Can an untested student mage, a serving maid, her bouncer brother, and a master gladiator successfully recover it? Or will they be the next group of adventurers to be lost in…
The Depths of Feldmarr.


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Who We Are

The Words

paul spencer






Paul Richard Edward Spencer skirts the periphery of many social scenes and areas of study. He survived growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, well cocooned in the security of a military family. The worst he has faced are corduroy pants and terrycloth shirts. He is grateful for that.
His payback has been a career of service. He hopes his stories serve to delight the adventurer in all of you.
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The Visuals

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David Dunn is an artist and animator who’s passion is to tell stories through art. He spent his childhood drawing new bad guys for Mega Man (see Mega Man 5 credits…) and is now a professional animator, illustrator, game artist, VFX artist, and visual development artist. Some past clients and projects include those for Star Trek, the Walking Dead, the National Parks
Service, the Department of Energy, corporations, lawyers, and a multitude of independent games, films, and art venues. He is a Texas native currently residing in Massachussets. He received his BFA in animation from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and his other interests include gaming, backpacking, traveling, filmmaking, and spending time with his family (including his bird dog).

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